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Reveiws               of Truth


" The session was much more structured than I'm use to and I loved it, as the flow of the conversation was smooth! She was so easy to talk to, I can't wait for the incoming sessions!"

-Devin Y


Talking with Ms. Tia on what this process of having her as my life coach will look like made me eager and willing to get started, and embark on this new journey of healing for myself. Just the conversation we had on what she is willing to do, I felt a connection that allow me to put myself out there to accept the help I know I need for myself. And to know she’s understanding and is eager to help me get on the path I want to be on makes it 100% better. I’m looking forward and excited to see what GOD & Ms.Tia and BSL has in store for me.-Keshia R

Image by Daniel Andrade
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