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Transform Your Mental Health & Emotional Wealth Today

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Embrace Your

Choose A Specialist That Understands YOU

"Discover Our Approach to Mental Health Services" 

Your connection to our team is a MAJOR Factor in the success of your healing journey. To build that connection, you'll need a professional with empathy, professional skills, and personal experience with an outlook that builds you, NOT break you.

Investing in our program challenges you to beat the odds, ad break the inner STIGMA of yourself while communicating an action plan in resolving the issue at hand. 


What Can We Do for You?

" Same Tears. Different Pain. Instant Solutions"

We can help you navigate through the struggles of anxiety, depression, and trauma. We also help couples and friends build better relationships with the people they love and cherish. We offer a variety of mental health services, including:

  • Relationship Recovery Counseling

  • Adult Childhood Trauma Counseling

  • Embrace the Youth Counseling 

  • Dignify the Change Senior Counseling

Additionally, since March 2023 Brave's has launched a NEW FEATURE of In-Home Counseling!!! Yes, now you can have counseling in the comfort of your OWN home. 

We're here to help you and the people who are most important to you. To schedule an Individual Consultation for $85.75 or a Couples Consultation starting at $125.75, reach out to us today.

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Stop Hurting.          Start Healing...

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