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  • Who is the Founder of Brave Solyoutions?
    Founder and CEO of Brave Solyoutions Counseling Practice. After being an asset in transforming so many lives through her logical and impacting advice, she desired to open a practice that has enabled her to reach the hearts of many people; and that builds a community of powerful individuals ready to take on the world unapologetically.
  • What is Non-Medical Counseling?
    Non-medical counseling is short-term, situational, and problem-solving counseling. It is an avenue to deal with personal life issues in the context of a confidential relationship with a professional, maximizing the client’s coping skills in order to resolve personal and complex issues. Hence, this organic opportunity provides the right solution.
  • Is Brave's a Medical Facility?
    No. Brave Solyoutions is a non-medical practice, that provides advice on how to improve your life naturally without shaping your solutions around a medical screening, treatment, therapy, diagnosis, or prescribed medication. For almost 3 years Brave's has found the best and most EFFECTIVE way for our clients to experience mental peace from their past, or mental impairments that hinder them from feeling FREE and emotionally complete.
  • Does Braves's Accept Insurance?
    No. Unfortunantly, although we would love to offer the ability for our clients to pay via insurance, ANY non-medical services are prohibited to billing for counseling. Hence, because our services aren't considered a “treatment” for anything, your health care insurance will not pay for these services.
  • How Long Has Been Established?
    We have been physically established in the Atlanta area for almost 3 years with 12 years of professional experience.
  • What if I Need More Time Than Offered on the Packages?
    Although our focus is to create a target goal for everyone to reach. We understand some journeys may need more time than others, and we completely understand that. If more time is needed to bloom in your desires for growth, we encourage our clients to continue paying for their monthly package until they have reached their full potential happily and successfully.
  • Are Kids Welcome?
    Yes! Our NEW Stockbridge Office has a play room available for your child to enjoy themselves while you focus on your growth. In efforts to expand our practice, we now have the opportunity to offer our customers snacks and drinks, in appreciation for you trusting us to improve your life one session at a time.
  • What Age Groups Does Braves Prohibit?
    As of January 1, 2023 we NO longer accept adolescent, and minors. We do however, have resources made available for those under the age of 18 years of age.
  • What Methods of Payment Are Accepted?
    We accept all Electronic Transfer payments through the payment platform of Venmo, Paypal, Credit Cards and our Vcita Drafting System.
  • I Called the Office, but No One is Answering, What Should I Do?"
    Thank you for reaching out! We apologize in advance for our delay in returning your call in a timely manner, however, your call is HIGHLY important to us, and our specialist will be returning your call within 24-48 hour time frame. If your call hasn't been returned within this time frame, please send "BOOK ME" to (770) 875-0782 and a representative will be sure to return your call promptly. **Please Note: The above number is for instant messaging purposes ONLY** Please DO NOT message this line before contacting the office FIRST and awaiting a call back within the first 24-48 Hours. If you message after hours, your questions and concerns will be recieve the following business day.
  • What Do Crises Calls Provide for Me?
    Our "CRISIS CALLS" are exactly as stated. At times, a client may experience a great level of emotional distress, that attacks their mental state in an unhealthy way. Hence before experiencing a meltdown, we have provided resources below to promise immediate support. Calling the Crises Hotline will provide you a boost, awareness, and comfort you need to release the negative toxins and relax the tension with a renewed feeling that restores back their emotional stability. However, we understand as HARDWORKING and DEDICATED Coach Tia can be, she CAN'T cater to ALL crises in distress. Hence is why Brave Solyoutions provide our community with the following links and resources to gain access to better your Mental Health. Atlanta Crises Hotline | Telephone: 1-800-273-8255
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