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Our Discharge Policy

We Hate Seeing Our Progress Regress...

Brave Solyoutions realize at times our client's interest, and desire of interest in services may change. However, as of September 01, 2023, our policy has been updated to ensure we provide clarity on our Discharge of Services arrangement. 

Definition of Discharge of Services: Brave Solyoutions doesn't believe the logic of "One Size Fits ALL. Hence, we understand our NMC may not befit all clients who seek our services. That is why we have built a forum that will allow our clients to be discharged of our services with convenience. But before you discharge your care plan, please ensure you meet our criteria.

The purpose of discharging services is to provide closure on your progress. It allows an opportunity for both the client and NMC to assess and process what they accomplished during their time together. 

You Will Be Discharged If You Show the Following Actions: 

  • Non-Payment: Failure to make payments for services rendered as per the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

  • Violation of Terms: Violation of any terms and conditions outlined in our service agreement or contract.

  • Non-Cooperation: Consistent non-cooperation within the practice rules and regulations whether you are an adult or minor. 

  • Change in Requirements: A repeated change in the clients circumstances that makes it impractical or unfeasible to continue providing service to the client.

  • Client's Request: The client's has the RIGHT to request to terminate the services at ANY time. But refunds will not be given under any circumstance. 

  • Unexpected Events: Unforeseen circumstances are beyond our control, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or government regulations, that prevent the continuation of services. If these things occur, services can be discontinued with the provision to place all session on hold for 30 days. Anything after 30 days will lead to a complete revocation of services.

Additional Non-Compliant Regulations

  • Lacking Honesty and Falsifying Your Condition or Circumstances Information to Receive Services

  • Lacking Willingness to comply during the session.

  • NO profanity from the client in a demeaning or threatening way. If a negative character is expressed through the session, Brave Solyoutions has the right to take legal matters into perspective for the safety and well being of that staff and professional.

  • NO rude gestures toward your NMC.

  • NO excessive amount of cell phone usage during Telehealth appointment.

  • NO vulgar, flirtatious, inuendoes, sexual, aggressive, or explicit material or affections demeanor displayed toward the NMC. Such actions is an automatic discharge to prevent any further legal charges.

  • Lacking appropriate clothing during the session.



We DON'T handle inappropriate conduct lightly!

Please be mindful of what you say and do in this practice for the protection of self, and others. 

Our Mission: We're in the business of accountability. Therefore, if our professionals have any part in your progress being delayed, there will be provisions made to offer you a better experience with our company. 


All Sales Are Final, and the Company Does NOT Offer Any Money-Back Guarantees

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