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Our Cancellation Policy

Our goal and commitment are to provide our families and patients with quality care in a timely manner. Hence this policy has been put into effect on December 1, 2020, to help our clients understand the commitment we hold to the schedules planned; as well as the client's commitment to themselves and our practice when booking their appointment in advance. Understand, this request of booking your sessions in advance is to provide that one-on-one time and attention between you and the professional. Without communicating your desires and mental health needs, or if there has been a change in your schedule, this will lead to a cancellation of the appointment after providing an additional (5 Minutes) to your appointment as a courtesy.

No-Show Appointments

" No Show” means any client who fails to arrive on time for their scheduled Telehealth appointment. When there is a "No Show" BSRV Team will notify their client, to ensure their loss of appointment, without the privilege of receiving reimbursement.  However, we understand unexpected emergency events will occur; but if the cancellation is miscellaneous, we will not HONOR that as a reschedule.

“Same Day Cancellation” means any patient who cancels an appointment less than 5 hours before their scheduled appointment, the client credit card on file will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee. If the patient cancels 3 non-emergent sessions in a row; this revokes the remaining sessions with a termination letter to follow for the conduct displayed in NOT being present for each session as promised. Hence, Brave Solyoutions forwards the right to terminate the patient's account, and care plan. To prevent this action from taking place, we ask the payor or patient, to inform us of ANY upcoming appointments, prior to payments being drafted or rendered. 

“Late Arrival” means any client who arrives at their Telehealth appointment 5 Minutes after their expected arrival time for the scheduled appointment; then this appointment will be canceled by staff. A notification of the appointment will be sent to the client with an update on their appointment changes.

Emergency Cancellation: 

As a courtesy, Brave Solyoutions understand the importance of being present or handling the currency of circumstances when unexpected events occur. Sympathizing with such events, if your appointment has been canceled we ask for the client to reach out to our office via email or text message to request a reschedule. Understand, that if this appointment is unable to be rescheduled with 5 business days, the appointment will be dismissed without reimbursements. After this opportunity has expired, this appointment will NOT be eligible for a reschedule. 

Communication: All cancellation requests must be made in writing, either through email or our designated cancellation request form with details of what the cancellation is in regards to for our records. Please provide the clients name, date of birth, and email address, when making a cancellation request to ensure we can identify the client that is being serviced from our practice. 

Policy Changes: Brave Solyoutions reserves the right to modify this cancellation policy at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website or notifying you directly.

By making a reservation with us, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this cancellation policy. We recommend reviewing this policy carefully before making a booking to ensure you understand the terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this cancellation policy, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team for clarification.


Thank You for Your Cooperation In Advance...

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