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-Welcome to A New View -

It is such a pleasure to welcome you on this journey with me. My name is Tia Joii, and I AM  your Mental Wellness and Relationship Coach. Through your transition of receiving counseling, you will gain access to digital assignments, and communication techniques that will support every trial or concern you may have. Our "Therapeutic & Organic Boutique" is developed to build confidence, reassurance, and a new perspective, with an improved environment to follow.

Our level of commitment and investigation on how to RESOLVE relationships, and trauma environments, has been a thrilling journey; and now for almost four years, Braves have been able to welcome our Georgians to the TRANSFORMATION of a lifetime. For 12 years, my past experiences have taught me a lifetime of lessons, and NOW after being a survivor of trauma, break-ups, lies, health battles, loss of home, and a damaged soul; I found the TOOLS to bring every journey to a satisfying, and uplifting end. Now it's YOUR turn to join the community of support and solutions. 


If you desire a change, I assure you, coming to Brave  Solyoutions will teach you all you need to know in order to achieve whatever your heart desires. The question is...are YOU ready to TRUST the process?

- Wall of Achievements -

"All Our Dreams Can Come True If We Have the Courage to Pursue Them." 

Harvard  University Medical  School

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Being a part of the Harvard Medical Community has allowed me to develop the education and awareness of those that battle Borderline Personality Disorder. Because this condition depletes an individual's emotions minute by minute; while questioning their own sense of judgment. 

Survivors of the BPD Community can cause individuals to view things in an extreme way. They may fear abandonment from family and friends, which can cause instability in relationships. They may have a low self-image and may change opinions quickly; hoping to not lose their loved one's interest or trust. 

What are the Root Causes of  BPD|Environmental Factors

  • Being a victim of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.

  • Being exposed to long-term fear or distress as a child.

  • Being neglected by 1 or both parents.

  • Growing up with another family member who had a serious mental health condition, such as bipolar disorder or a drink or drug misuse problem.

Grown is the Completion of a Process Unseen...

Suicide Prevention Trained

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The Root of Suicide? |The Tone & Feedback 
In my training with the Zero Suicide Alliance Community, I valued the training of knowing the type of reassurance and tone that is NEEDED when an individual is experiencing "suicide ideation". 
Reactions, emotions, and conditions can lead to suicidal thoughts and behavior. It includes information on warning signs that may indicate that a soldier is suicidal and factors that raise the risk of the individual’s becoming suicidal. But the KEY to each person, is they have feelings, pains, emotional barriers, and 

First of all, reassure them you hear what they're saying, and that you're taking them seriously. “I'm so glad you're telling me about how much has been going on, and how you're feeling. Thank you for sharing this with me.” In your own way, make sure they know you're there with them, and that you care.

Medical Health Science

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The Beauty of Healthcare? | The Terminology & Insight
This quality of Ultimate Medical Academy gave me the confidence, and opportunity, I NEVER imagined receiving in my lifetime! I was able to learn the depths of 6 Major Healthcare Industries, which held valuable and empowering information, with medical tools that will allow me to cater to my community with success. 

Because of the cases I took on, and the decisions I had to make on the behalf of my patient's mental, physical, and emotional health; it has prompted me to build a practice of EXCELLENCE. Hence, being a part of my Medical and Organic Growth, allows me to improve my community, one training at a time. One aspect of the Mental and Emotional Healthcare Industry I adore is the REAL terminology of being caring, compassionate, intuitive, and creative. 

“Credentials are like potential energy, the compliments of a name on paper, in documents, word of mouth, but faith is like kinetic energy, the motion, and the force that which is witnessed. Hence in the end it is the faith rather than the credentials that really takes you places.”
― Criss Jami, Killosophy

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