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Our Refund Policy

Once Time, Value, Efforts Are Spent,
Refunds for Service Don't Get Returned

Brave Solyoutions believe in being fair and considerate in ALL dealing of business transactions. But there comes a time, when financial concerns may come into play when an agreement is breached, payments are rendered, and satisfaction of service MAY change. What's our policy on this matter? 

Definition of Refund: Paying back (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought. Or compensating someone for an out-of-pocket expense by giving them an amount of money equal to what was spent. 

Why Refunds Are Requested? One of the biggest reasons clients look for a refund is because 80 % of the time, individuals fail to gain the results from the services purchased. But progress comes from BOTH parties, the professional, and the client.  Hence, if the client isn't doing the work, by not being fully invested in the process, and not actively participating in their own success or transformation. The lack of being fully committed to doing the work will lessen the results… Hence, the blame game begins and the coach or the coaching program is now shamed for YOUR investment.


But WAIT! What can turn this shame game into a successful end? Well, we consult via phone to examine, all aspects of why you desire to end your services with us. But because we are dedicated to improving our practice daily.  We ensure, we have provided the best of care, resources, attention, time, and solutions to your concerns before a cancelation of policy have ended or been terminated. 

Our Mission: We're in the business of accountability. Therefore, if our professionals have any part in your progress being delayed, there will be provisions made to offer you a better experience with our company. If you TRUST the process, we will produce your mental, and emotional, success. Just withhold the request for REFUND.


All Sales Are Final, and the Company Does NOT Offer Any Money-Back Guarantees

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